Homeward Bound

Just as we were about to go out and buy cruise wear, John talked with the cruise line and we do not have reservations after all.  They still had him registered on the cancellation list.

He just got off the phone from changing our flight reservations and we will be home tomorrow.

Sometimes, (actually most of the time), I think life is all about surrendering  control.  Letting go of control is probably the single most difficult thing for us humans to do. We want to be in charge of every step we take or don’t take.  One thing this journey has reminded me is to just let go and let God direct our course.

We are looking forward to seeing kids, grandkids and friends and of course Murphy.

Prayers to all. Please pray for a safe and SMOOTH flight.




Re-navigating is what our GPS tells us when we have taken a different path from the one that we originally set.  That is pretty much how I feel right now. After hiking all over Rome today and expecting to come back to our hotel to make arrangements to fly home to Casa de Murphy , John got an email saying that our reservations had been accepted to take the cruise. We were second in line for a cancellation and hadn’t heard anything as of this morning.  Even after all of  these years of being Soul Mates there are plenty of times when one soul gives preference to the other soul. Sometimes it’s John and sometimes it’s me.  I had been praying that whatever happened as far as the cruise I would accept. I know this is what John really wants to do.  I must admit that I was looking forward to traveling back to our home and thought for sure that’s what was going to happen. Now I will set my GPS in a different direction.  GPS – Today I must say God’s Plan is  Superior to my plan.   My sister has a saying, “Let my expectations be from Thee”.  I was expecting to go home but I’m sure this will be a wonderful adventure and when I look back I will be glad that we had the opportunity to do it. It truly is a once in a lifetime adventure.

To all of my friends and family,  I am praying each step of the way for you.  Please keep us in your prayers for a safe journey  as well.

Buen Camino

Patti & John

Sole Mates-Sail Mates-Soul Mates

After underestimating the degress of difficulty of hiking the Appinnine Mountains and overestimating our ability to actually climb them with heavy backpacks, and old knees, we headed out of the mountains into the cities of Italy.  We have walked the roads of Rome, Siena, Assisi and Chique Terra.  We have had over two weeks of adventure, hopping on and off trains arriving in cities, finding a place to set our bags and heading out into the streets to explore all parts of italy.

We are on a waiting list to take a cruise of the Greek Isles but as of now we are second in line for a cancallation.  We are back in Rome at a Holiday Inn (so nice to have clean pressed sheets). We are off to explore the city and perhaps when we return to make arrangements to fly home to Casa de Murphy.

This pilgrimage is nothing like we planned but more than we could have ever imagined.  We have met many wonderful people, experienced the goodness of strangers and the presence of the Lord, our faithful friend and guide.  There have been many times when I have prayed for His protection along the way and always trusted that we are in His care. His ways are higher than our ways and His plan is always perfect.

Sole mates, sail mates  in Italy,  in Greece or in Hoschton wherever  we go  we remain Soul Mates.

Buen Camino